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Quadstar® Elite TENS, NMS, INF, HVPS COMBO

Quadstar® Elite TENS, NMS, INF, HVPS COMBO

$ 1,500.00

  • BioMedical Life Systems, is proud to introduce the QuadStar® Elite four channel (up to 8 electrodes)
  • TENS, NMS, High-Volt and Interferential stimulator in one portable unit.
  • It’s compact size and user friendly programming features make the QuadStar® Elite’s design unique among Electro-Therapy Devices.
  • The user can sequence two or more modalities for complete treatment.
  • 9 preprogrammed protocols and four types of waveforms; Symmetrical Biphasic Square; Asymmetrical Biphasic Square; Sine Wave; and Monophasic High-Volt, Twin Peak.
  • The device has a patient lock system that, when activated prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters. When turned off, a patient compliance meter is displayed showing how long the device was used.
  • Device comes with all accessories, an internal rechargeable NiCad battery pack and wall adaptor.
  • 3-year warranty. (USA only)