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Lateral Rotation Low Air Loss Mattress

Lateral Rotation Low Air Loss Mattress

$ 7,960.00

Lateral rotation mattress includes patented z-cell subtle turning motion. Additional therapies include alternating pressure and on-demand low air loss to keep the environment temperate and help wick away moisture.

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  • State of the art compressor allows for easy set up and effective therapy cycles
  • Powerful blower provides greater air output, quick set up and more efficient therapy cycles
  • Solenoid valves open and close to regulate the air inside the mattress and maintain the pressure at or below 32mm/Hg to avoid capillary occlusion
  • MA90Z includes times of 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes with option to turn right or left only. MA95Z includes cutomizable turn times
  • When the transmitter in the head section is raised, 25% more air is automatically added into the mattress, helping prevent the patient from bottoming ou

  • Overall Length: 80"
    Overall Width: 36" also available in 42" and 48" widths
    Overall Height: 10" includes raised side rails
    Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs on standard mattress size and 1000 lbs on bariatrics
    Flammability: 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633 compliant TB129 and ASTM 1590
    Safety System: Audio and Visual Alarms
    Warranty: 1 year on mattress, 2 years on compressorLater