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Medline, Alterra 1232 4-Motor Hi-Low Bed

Medline, Alterra 1232 4-Motor Hi-Low Bed

$ 2,300.00

  • Built for ease of use and safety for the caregiver.
  • Safety-stop helps reduce the risk of serious injury should a hand or other body part become caught between the bed frame and surface.
  • The maximum height of 26" (66 cm) makes it easy to care for residents; the low height of 7.25" (18 cm) makes it ideal for Alzheimer's patients and any other resident at risk of falling.
  • The bed moves from its lowest to highest height within 47 seconds and without any horizontal movement, eliminating wall damage.
  • Battery backup keeps the bed functioning in the event of a power outage (battery back up is not available on the FCE1200B).
  • Smooth, quiet performance with 4 ultra-quiet, dependable DC motors - 2 for height, 1 for the knee hinge and 1 for the reclining head deck.
  • Combination grid/rib deck for enhanced comfort and strength.
  • Bed deck dimensions: 80" (2 m) long, 34.5" (88 cm); Overall length: 87.5" (2.2 m)