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Quadstar® II TENS, NMS, INF

Quadstar® II TENS, NMS, INF

$ 450.00

  • The QuadStar® II is a portable four channel digital NMS, INF and TENS device.
  • The unique device with 3 waveforms, symmetric biphasic, pulsed sine and asymmetrical biphasic.
  • 9 preprogrammed Fixed Sequences which enable the user to program 20 minutes of INF followed by 20 minutes of NMS therapy and ending with 20 minutes of TENS therapy.
  • A Programmable Sequence allows the user to customize the therapy and times.
  • A graphic representation of the timing parameters is shown on the screen to assist the user to program the on/off ramps and on/off times.
  • Patient lock system when activated prevents the patient from changing any parameters.
  • When the lock is turned off, a patient compliance meter is displayed.
  • The device comes with color-coded 48? lead wires, electrodes (8), battery (4), instruction booklet, wall adaptor, and carrying case.
  • 5-year warranty. (USA only)